Frequently Asked Questions

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How should I care for my Woodrift & Co. products?

We suggest applying a generous coat of our all-natural Wood Wax to your Woodrift & Co. products about once every 3-4 months, or whenever you notice they're losing some of their depth of colour. Wood Wax is also suitable for your other wooden household items, like cutting boards and serving platters.

Can I customize the engraving on my West Coasters products?

Absolutely! We engrave products all the time for corporate giveaways, wedding favours and personalized gifts. Just send us an email with your engraving design (either PDF, AI, EPS, or high-resolution JPG or PNG file) in black and white, and we'll provide a quote as well as create a proof of the design before moving into production. Typically custom engraving costs $1 per item (per side), plus a $20 setup fee, but this can vary depending on the size and/or complexity of your engraving design, as well as quantity ordered.

How long will my custom order take?

Because of the large volume of products we are processing at any given time, orders are prioritized based on deadlines (eg. wedding date) as opposed to first-come first-serve. Please be patient, and don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions about the status of your order.

Is there any difference if I buy the wedding coasters through Etsy?

No difference, except that we lose less money in transaction fees if you order directly from us. 

Where do you get the driftwood?

We have a distributed network of licensed wood salvagers all over Vancouver Island, where there is no shortage of driftwood supply. Rest assured that our process is 100% legal and non-disruptive to natural wildlife.

What makes your products sustainable?

Aside from our use of predominantly salvaged driftwood (as opposed to cutting down trees), we are proud to finish all of our products with our own homemade all-natural Wood Wax, which contains no toxic chemicals. For more info on our sustainable practices, click here.