Unique Wedding Favors in a Mass Produced World

Wedding favors are an age-old tradition but it can be tough finding the perfect gift, something as unique and beautiful as each one of your guests. So you’re looking for a keepsake that makes them feel appreciated, which they can actually use, and reminds them of your special day—but what makes a wedding favour one-of-a-kind?

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Driftwood as a Sustainable Resource

Sustainable products are in demand, and that comes with the rising popularity of reclaimed wood, which can be used to make anything you could make with new materials: furniture, flooring and home decor — including Woodrift & Co.’s West Coasters and Charcuter-sea boards. 

Our reclaimed wood products are handmade using driftwood salvaged from beaches throughout Vancouver Island, meaning no logging necessary. In fact, we’ve saved at least 83 trees from being cut down. 

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Introducing: Woodrift & Co Brand Identity

Woodrift & Co is a brand new brand, created by Studio Robazzo as a way to distinguish our artisanal handmade wooden products from the variety of design services we offer as a professional design firm.

A play on words, "Woodrift" comes from flipping the order of syllables in the word "driftwood". The logo was inspired by tree rounds which constitute our best selling product line, the West Coasters.

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Christina Robev