Driftwood as a Sustainable Resource

Sustainable products are in demand these days, as climate change poses an ever-growing threat to humanity and consumers become more conscious about their carbon footprint and environmental impact. That comes with the rising popularity of salvaged & reclaimed wood, which can be used to make just about anything that could be made with new materials — furniture, flooring and home decor — including our West Coasters and Charcuter-sea boards. 

The warmth and natural beauty of reclaimed wood is only second to its minimal environmental impact.


Our reclaimed wood products are handmade using driftwood salvaged from beaches throughout Vancouver Island, meaning no logging necessary. In fact, we’ve saved at least 83 trees from being cut down, while barely scratching the surface of driftwood supply in our vicinity. Taking away the need to manufacture new wood also means lower emissions, since a significant amount of energy is required for the logging, processing, and transport of new wood. 


Transformed by the time spent in Pacific Ocean salt water, the unique grain patterns, textures and natural colour make each piece one-of-a-kind. 

You can feel good about adding our sustainable and beautiful pieces to your home.