Unique Wedding Favors in a Mass Produced World

Wedding favors are an age-old tradition but it can be tough finding the perfect gift, something as unique and beautiful as each one of your guests. So you’re looking for a keepsake that makes them feel appreciated, which they can actually use, and reminds them of your special day—but what makes a wedding favour one-of-a-kind? Here are the top qualities we would look for:

1. Handmade

Something handmade is guaranteed to be special. Not one is the same from the other, and an artisan took the time to make the product just right.


2. Functional

A valuable gift is a useful one. If you hand out gifts your guests can actually include in their daily rituals, they will thank you for the practicality. 

3. Sustainable

Your loved ones will feel good knowing your gift to them was made with minimal impact on the environment (and they’ll be happy to know you care about that too). 


4. Natural

Gifts made from or inspired by natural forms breathe life into any space, either as beautiful accents at your wedding or in your guests’ homes. 

5. Long-lasting

Durable wedding favours will create lasting memories for your guests, who will reminisce about your special day over and over again. 


At Woodrift & Co., we offer custom-engraved coasters hand cut using salvaged driftwood from the shores of Vancouver Island. At least 83 trees have been saved from being cut down, and we've barely even scratched the surface of driftwood supply in our vicinity. Until February 16, we’re offering 20% off custom wedding favors! If you’d like to request a quote, give us a shout. Don’t worry if you haven’t confirmed all your wedding details; we can always adjust your order accordingly.